What About This Day

This was originally written on Feb 3, 2018

Well, on Thursday I had my stress echocardiogram. I was a bit nervous when I went in, but everyone was so nice to me. I didn’t have an asthma attack either.
When I went back into the room, I told the nurse about my concerns when it came to my asthma, and she was good at calming that concern. I would be allowed to get off the treadmill when I needed to. I, because I’m very modest, asked if I could keep my bra on. The answer was no. I then asked if any men were going to be working with me, and she assured me that the one male that was working that day wouldn’t come in unless I was having an asthma attack or heart attack. I felt better about that. She left the room so that I could change into the gown with the ties in front.
After the nurse came back in she hooked me up to the cardiogram machine, and the ultra sound stuff. The person who was doing the ultrasound came in and took some pictures of my heart. I had to lay real still on my left side. That is my bad hip side, so I was quite uncomfortable.
After the pictures on the ultrasound machine it was time to get on the treadmill. I was supposed to go as long as I could, the time to shoot for was 10 minutes. I did make it for 7.5 minutes. The nurse started the machine, and right away it went on a small incline. After a bit it went faster, and more incline. I was ok so far, but then the speed went faster, with more of an incline. I almost couldn’t walk fast enough, but I was not going to run. Like I said I lasted for 7.5 minutes.
When I was done on the treadmill I had to quickly lay back down on the table on my left side. The ultrasound person took a bunch more pictures. I got to see my heart valves and such working double time on the ultrasound. It was fascinating to watch.
I don’t get to know the results until the 21st of this month, so I will continue this story then. I wish I could get in sooner, but new patients can’t get in any earlier. I guess I can have pacience. I will know soon enough if I have a problem with my heart, or if I am doing just fine.
Thank you for reading my blog. May God bless you all. Keep the joy of the Lord in your heart.


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