Photography Lessons


So today I learned some new things when it comes to photography. Some of those things are kind of confusing, like how to use histograms to correctly expose a picture.
You see I barely understand how to read a histogram, but I’m supposed to imagine a black and white scene to figure out if my histogram says I need to fix my exposure or not. Yikes I say. I did learn how to use the exposure correction feature though. It’s quite interesting. You have a line with +5 to -5 with a 0 in the middle. Kind of like a number line. You adjust aprature, shutter speed, and ISO until you have a reading of 0. That way you are less likely to get a picture that is under, or over exposed.
I hope I learn quick what to do with a histogram. If I don’t learn it now, it’s not a big deal. The teacher of this class says I can always go back to it later in the year, and I might understand it then. I’m looking forward to that.
I’m having fun with this class. There is no pressure, no grading, and you are given time before going on to the next lesson to get a better grasp on what you are learning. I think I will be a better photographer when this class is over come January 1, or should I say December 31st.
Well, thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy writing these short blog posts for you all. I’ll be back tomorrow.



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