Hello, my name is Julie Reynolds. I’m a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor. I thought I would tell you a bit of my story before I start blogging. I recently bought my starter kit, and was right away excited. I read everything I could get my hands on, and stores lots of recipies in my Pinterest account. The big day came. I got my starter kit. I right away started expirementing with it. Lots of fun!

About the 3rd or 4th week I started to expirement with recipies. I made a face scrub using lavender EO. It felt good. My face started looking good. Then I decided to put the oils in my lotions etc. My skin looked great, the dryness in my arms dissapeared. I finally got more bold, and made my own body wash, face wash, toner, and body, and face lotions using my essential oils, all the while increasing my stash. I love the fact that I can have nice skin without using all kinds of chemicals to get it feeling and looking good. 

I’ve even made some roller top bottles for sleep, breathing support, and others. I’m sleeping better than I’ve slept in a long time. I’m also breathing better through my nose than I can ever remember. Young Living Essential Oils have change me for the better. On this blog, I will share recipies and uses for the oils that have been good for me, and have helped me.

I will be sharing stories about my life, my photography, and my Young Living Essential Oils. Most of what I’m going share will be about my Young Living Essential Oils. I so enjoy doing these three things, and sharing about them.

Julie Reynolds, Photographer, Oil Lover, and yleo distributor


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